Denise Gordon is the protagonist of this year’s gospel concert

Denise Gordon

This year the protagonist of the highly anticipated gospel concert will be U.K. singer Denise Gordon, an Ascona favorite, with a gospel background and a success that has made her one of the most popular female voices on the European classic and traditional jazz scene. At the JazzAscona gospel concert (Papio church), she will perform alongside the JazzAscona Social Club (Thomas L’Etienne, Patrick Artero, Ole "Fessor" Lindgren, Ulli Wunner); one day later she will be on the main stage, with the same band and further guests.

Gospel Concert June 29 at Collegio Papio Church: Admission fee 10 CHF. Tickets only available at the tourist office in Ascona during the festival.

Line-up 2018: See the week‘s complete list.

From: UK - EU
Style: Gospel