New Orleans and Ascona become "Sister Cities"

The two towns will thereby further strengthen existing ties. The first celebration of this joyful event will take place in Ascona on September 25th.

Photo Credits: Todd Coleman, Saveur Magazine New Orleans

New Orleans and Ascona have had strong ties for decades, now they are happy to announce the signing of the official documents that will lead to a formal linking of the two municipalities. The important agreement will be celebrated on Saturday, September 25 in Ascona, with both mayors, Luca Pissoglio and LaToya Cantrell (in videoconference from New Orleans) and the inauguration of an important graffiti artwork on one of Ascona’s biggest squares, with live music, food and beverages.

The link between Ascona and New Orleans dates back to 1985, with the very first edition of Festa New Orleans Music Ascona, now known as JazzAscona - The New Orleans Experience. In almost 40 years of history, the event has hosted hundreds of New Orleans musicians, and over time cultural, economic, and of course human ties have been forged between the two cities.

These ties will now be made official and strengthened by New Orleans’ and Ascona’s mayors, LaToya Cantrell and Luca Pissoglio.

The official "Sister Cities" relation will further enable a bilateral committee to examine, promote and manage a series of new projects with the aim of  increasing cultural exchanges, new initiatives in the educational realm and developing both economic development and tourism. Academic and cultural cooperations with musical and educational exchanges for example, as well as several collaborations between museums and tourist offices are already being planned during JazzAscona as well as in New Orleans.

Ascona Swamp Donkeys New Orleans

A celebration on September 25th in Ascona

The Sister Cities celebrations will start on Saturday September 25, between 4 and 6 p.m., in one of Ascona’s main squares (Piazza Caglioni), with the participation of the two mayors, Luca Pissoglio and LaToya Cantrell (in videoconference from New Orleans) and the unveiling of a dedicated graffiti, created by two artists from the region, Chiara (KLER) and Sofia (SoFreeSo) Frei, who will give an artistic touch to the large - and at the moment still grey - wall of the city’s car park. A "Sister Cities Band", symbolically composed of musicians from New Orleans and Ticino, featuring Adonis Rose, NOJO conductor and musical collaborator of JazzAscona, on drums, Adrian Ross on trumpet and young singer Lemetria Dillon, will provide the musical touch that could not be missed to the evening.

New Orleans Ascona Sister Cities ©JazzAscona



Saturday September 25, between 4 and 6 p.m
Piazza Caglioni (municipal car park), Ascona
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