Sweet & Spicy Award 2019 to Sergio Caputo e Francesco Baccini

JazzAscona 2019 presents two great stars of Italian music: Sergio Caputo and Francesco Baccini. The two, voice and guitar the former, and voice and piano, the latter, form the “The Swing Brothers”. Members of a band that came to be almost by chance in 2016, the two artists clearly enjoy each other’s company on stage, in shows that are ironic and easygoing. Baccini and Caputo are two of the most original, nonconformist musicians in the Italian scene; together they produced Chewing Gum Blues, a record that goes back to the basics of swing and blues.

Award Ceremony Swee & Spicy Award by Sandro Vanini - Delizie da vivere
Thursday, June 20,
22.00 - 24.00 Stage New Orleans