Charlie Roe

Spotlight on the talented Charlie Roe, one of the best names on the pop rock scene in Southern Switzerland

Dates: 24/ 28/ 30.6  2017

Charlie Roe

Her name is Romina but she is known as Charlie Roe. She certainly is one of the household names in the pop rock scene of Southern Switzerland. Music has always been part of her life: she grew up participating in singing contests, collaborating with various artists and lending her voice to numerous choirs and projects. Her later musical encounters and experiences with various musicians leads to the release, in 2013, of Pomegrenades Attack, her five-song British-inspired indie rock and pop EP. The following year Charlie Roe took part in The Voice of Switzerland; her songs are radio favorites (Ukulele Song was a huge success, for instance). She is a talented and dynamic artist who embraced music with a newly found self awareness, after beating her demons and her music performance anxieties. Come discover her!

From: Switzerland

Style: R&B, soul, pop

Charlie Roe, vocals

Mattia Mantello, guitar

Matteo Frigerio, guitar

Simone Poncioni, bass

David Cuomo, drums