Chicago Stompers

The Chicago Stompers, Italy’s youngest hot jazz band. Orchestration, costumes, and original instruments straight out of the roaring 20s

Dates: 29.6
2.7 Final Jazz Dinner @ BucaDiciannove (Golf Club Ascona)

Chicago Stompers

Winners of the Audience Award at JazzAscona 2010, the Chicago Stompers are the youngest “hot jazz” band in Italy performing the repertoire of American orchestras from c. 1924-1933. The philological use of vintage musical instruments, instrumentation and inspired period clothes, together with a unique, peppy and sparkling show, is the most distinctive feature of this ensemble, which has already treaded the boards of the most important “classic jazz” events in the world. The orchestra has recently released its fourth record: "Sing...It's Good For You!"

From: Italy

Style: Hot jazz


Marcella Malacrida, vocals

Martino Pellegrini, violin, strohviolin, vocal

Corrado Tosetti, trumpet, cornet

Paolo Colombo, alto sax, clarinet

Arturo Garra, tenor sax, clarinet, vocal

Lorenzo Baldasso, clarinet, alto sax
Giorgio Gallina, trombone, violin, ukulele

Mauro L.Porro, piano, reeds, cornet, vocal

Dario Lavizzari, banjo, guitar

Paolo A. Vanzulli, tuba, string bass, drums

Fabrizio Carriero, drums, percussions