Domino Swing Quartet

A modern take on the magic of Django Reinhardt's swing manouche

Dates: 27.6 – 1.7

Domino Swing Quartet is an international jazz band featuring two jazz guitars, a violin and double bass. The original musical proposal focuses on Gipsy Jazz style "Made in Barcelona". The project was born in 2014, inspired by the magic of the Swing from the 30's, with Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli as masters. The quartet proposes its own original compositions, in an acoustic format and from a contemporary perspective, bringing together four musically and culturally different "paths".

From: E-I-Pt-Mex
Style: Gypsy Swing

Neter Calafati, guitar
Federico Fiore, rhythm guitar
Joao Silva, violin
Juan Carlos Buchan, bass