Gismo Graf Trio feat. Cheyenne Graf

When gipsy style is much more than a simple marginal phenomenon: keep an eye on this fourtet, for the first time in Ascona

Dates: 23-26.6  2017

Gismo Graf, the 24-year-old shooting star of gypsy swing, has by now taken his place among the world's leading guitarists. Urged by an unceasing drive to perfection and continually developing new ideas, the young and charismatic guitarist succeeds to prove with his latest album that gypsy jazz is much more than just a marginal phenomenon of the jazz scene. His oeuvre is not just another miscellany of Django Reinhardt's music; instead Gismo’s repertoire includes his own expressive compositions, gypsy jazz with pop, bossa nova, and swing.  

An example of professionalism and virtuosity, the quartet that accompanies him manages to keep surprising their audience song after song and to captivate them with their stage presence and spunky performance.
Gismo's father and mentor, Joschi Graf, accompanies the guitarist on the rhythm guitar and with his beautiful sonorous voice adds the finishing touch to the repertoire. The quartet is complete with the celebrated musician Joel Locher on the double-bass and with Cheyenne Graf, Gismo's 21-year-old sister.

From:  Germany
Style: Gipsy jazz

Gismo Graf, guitar
Joschi Graf, rhythm guitar
Joel Locher, bass
Cheyenne Graf, vocals