Louis Prima Forever

“Just a Gigolo” in its original 8-member band and the exquisite Pauline in the role of Keely Smith.

Dates: 28.6-1.7. 2017

Louis Prima Forever

Finally! Enfin! A band that covers the repertoire of the legendary Louis Prima and his “Just a Gigolo” in its original 8-member line-up. With Louis Prima Forever, the audience will travel back to the 20s, through the music of some of the emblematic band’s members – first with the Gigolos and then with the Pink Turtles. The icing on the cake: the lovely Pauline Atlan as Keely Smith, Louis Prima’s singer and sidekick. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy their famous duets, such as Sentimental Journey or Nothing's too good for my baby.

From: France
Style: Tribute to Louis Prima


Patrick Bacqueville, trombone & vocals
Pauline Atlan, vocals
Michel Bonnet, trumpet
Claude Braud, sax
Fabien Saussaye, piano
Nicolas Peslier
, guitar
Enzo Mucci, bass     
Stéphane Roger, drums