Take out your dance shoes: here come Re:Funk, in the footsteps of the Godfather of Soul, James Brown

Dates: 23/26/29.6  2017


Re:Funk came to exist as the result of the passion of singer Maqs Rossi and drummer Dario Milan, who wanted to start a band that could captivate the audience with the rich Afro-American musical tradition that follows the footsteps of the Godfather of Soul, James Brown. The band soon made a name for itself, also thanks to bassist Francesca Morandi and guitarist Mattia “Mad” Mantello who joined Rossi and Milan. The fourtet was later completed by saxophonist and singer Emiliano Romano in 2015. At JazzAscona the band will be joined by baritonist Mirko Roccato, trumpeter Mauro Brunini and keyboardist Luca Fraula. Take out your dance shoes!

From: Switzerland, Italy

Style: Funk


Maqs Rossi, vocals

Dario Milan, drums

Francesca Morandi, bass

Mad Mantello, guitar

Luca Fraula, keys

Emiliano Romano, tenor sax

Mirko Roccato, baritone sax

Mauro Brunini, trumpet