Serena Brancale & Israel Varela “Soulenco”

Watch out for those two: Serena Brancale and Israel Varela in an encounter between the Mediterranean, Mexico, and jazz that crosses genre boundaries

Dates: 23 – 24.6  2017

Serena Brancale

An amazing talent and shining personality: the young vocalist, musician, composer (and actress) Serena Brancale became known to the wider public in 2015 when she collaborated with Michele Torpedine (manager of Bocelli, Zucchero, Il Volo), released her first record, “Galleggiare”, and participated in the Sanremo Festival, where she came second in the “young talents” competition and won the “ Critic’s Award”. Serena Brancale, who has also worked with Mario Biondi, possesses a voice with a natural inclination to jazz and an interest in sounds that transcend boundaries. At JazzAscona ’17 she will present Soulenco, a project that came to life following Brancale’s meeting with the Mexican drummer and percussionist Israel Varela. Their music is a mix of Mediterranean, black, and Mexican colors, with a touch of the flamenco tradition. 

From: Italy
Style: Jazz


Serena Brancale, vocals, keyboards, multipad, loop
Angelo Trabucco/Alessandro Gwis,  piano
Israel Varela, drums, vocals