Swing Rocket returns! The Australian clan invites us onto their swing-propelled rocket 

Dates: 22-28.6. 2017

Dan Barnett

Since Tom Baker – and more recently David Blenkhorn, Emma Pask, Bob Barnard and many other great musicians - Ascona has always had a soft spot for Australian jazz. This year again, JazzAscona will offer you the chance of admiring various musicians from Down Under, some of them familiar faces in Ascona. Starting from singer and trombonist Dan Barnett, who will lead a first class band: Swing Rocket.  Son of the legendary bassist Cliff Barnett, Dan is a charismatic musician who leads various bands and is an excellent instrumentalist and singer. His career is impressive with concerts throughout the world and important collaborations (with James Morrison, among others). The project is captivating: with guaranteed foot tapping and whirling, Swing Rocket is ready for the Ascona adventure! 

From: Australia

Style: Classic jazz, swing


Dan Barnett, trombone & vocals      

Bradford Child, reeds              

Mark Elton, bass               

Steven Grant, piano              

Anthony Howe, drums & vocals