Tanya Boutté and Friends - “You ‘Ve Gotta Love Lil”

Lillian Boutté, the Queen of Ascona, is facing the devastiting disease of Alzheimer’s and needs our help. Here are a band and album to help raise funds for her medical supplies and care

Dates: 27.6 –1.7  2017
GOSPEL CONCERT with FOUNDRAISING: June 29 @ Chiesa Papio

Official Ambassador of New Orleans music in the world since 1986, and undisputed Queen of JazzAscona since its first edition, vocalist Lillian Boutté (67 years old) is facing the devastating disease of Alzheimer’s. Last year, together with her Music Friends, she moved the Ascona audience with touching concerts. Only a few had realized that it had been a moving farewell to her musical career, Lillian’s goodbye to her beloved audience and way of thanking everyone for the love and support of New Orleans music.

Lillian’s health, however, declined quickly and back in New Orleans she is now surrounded by the love of her family. She is in need of around the clock care and of special support.  Like many artists, the vocalist unfortunately does not have medical care and is faced with expenses that are not covered by insurance.

For this reason our JazzAscona director, Nicolas Gilliet, a friend to Lillian, has launched the project “YOU’VE GOTTA LOVE LIL!” that includes a European summer tour with musicians close to the New Orleans artists. Among them, her niece Tanya Boutté and her ex-husband Thomas L’Etienne. It will also include the recording and sale of of an album (a wonderful recording from 2007 that Lillian had never published), which will help raise the necessary funds to help the artist. 

From: New Orleans, EU

Style: R&B, Jazz

Tanya Bouttè, vocals

Thomas L’Etienne, tenor sax & clarinet

Uli Wunner, clarinet
Denny Ilett, guitar

Andy Crowdy, bass

Julie Saury, drums