The New Orleans Swamp Donkeys Jass Band

Young New Orleans talents for a modern twist on traditional jazz: a hymn to the joy of life.

Dates: 22.6-1.7.  2017

The New Orleans Swamp Donkeys

JazzAscona has always be an appreciated platform for young talents who are eager to leave their mark on the international jazz scene. This year we proudly present The Swamp Donkeys Jass Band, an exceptional band that brings together New Orleans musicians, in their early twenties, who have a fresh and dynamic approach to both repertoire songs and their own compositions in traditional jazz style of the 1920-40s, with surprising results. The band was formed in 2012, is about to release a double live, performs up to five times a week in New Orleans and has played in France, Germany, and other European countries. Band leader is James Williams, singer and trumpeter virtuoso whose sound has been likened to Louis Armstrong. Williams also plays with Irvin Mayfield’s New Orleans Jazz Orchestra. 

From: New Orleans

Style: New Orleans Jazz

James Williams, trumpet & vocals
Ricardo Pascal, sax
Miles Lyons, trombone
Jon Gross, tuba
Joseph Faison, banjo
Josh “Jams” Marotta, drums