Alfredo Ferrario, clarinet

A great sensitivity, instrumental technique, and an excellent jazz taste: Alfredo Ferrario, the swinging clarinet

Dates: 24.6 – 2.7.2016

Alfredo Ferrario

Plays with Anaïs St. John & the Italian New Orleans Jazz Connection

A Como native, born in 1964, Alfredo Ferrario started studying classical music at the Milan Conservatory. He was however fascinated from classical jazz from the start. In the 1980s he got the attention of the Milan jazz scene and he works on perfecting his technical and professional skills under Paolo Tomelleri.  Endowed with a great sensitivity, instrumental technique, and an excellent jazz taste, today Ferrario is considered one of Italy’s best swing clarinetist. Winner of numerous prizes (among others: best solo artist at the Breda Festival in 2005) he is a regular in Ascona and has stepped onto the most prestigious traditional jazz stages (from Sacramento to Japan). He has played with names such as Sammy Price, Ralph Sutton, Roy Williams, Harry Allen, and Gianni Basso. In Italy he is a steady member of bands together with Rossano Sportiello, Luciano Milanese, Carlo Bagnoli, Roberto Colombo, and Christian Meyer, the drummer of Elio e le Storie Tese.