Gregg Stafford, trumpet

Gregg Stafford, generous and creative trumpeter rooted in the New Orleans musical tradition.

Dates: 28.6 - 2.7.2016

Plays with Palm Court Jazz All Stars

Gregg Stafford is one of the most appreciated front man in New Orleans. Trumpeter with a clear and bright sound, a dynamic personality, impulsive and original, his style brings us the liveliness of the old days in New Orleans. Brought up following the tradition, Gregg is one of those musicians you can find playing all over the City on the Delta. He not only leads his own bad but also performs alongside Dr. Michael White, The Young Tuxedo Brass Band, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and many others. Stafford has furthermore played with Danny Barker and Chester Zardis and teaches in local schools. In 2014 he participated, together with four other trumpeters, in the memorable Louis Armstrong event for the celebration of the festival’s 30 years.