Raphael Gualazzi

Huge drive, empathy, and entertaining skills: international star Raphael Gualazzi at JazzAscona with his music at the crossroad between jazz, stride, and pop.

Dates: Wednesday 29.6.2016

Born in Urbino in 1981, singer, pianist, and composer Raphael Gualazzi is today one of the most renowned Italian jazz pop. Both an audience and critics favorite, his career boomed when, in 2011, he won the Sanremo festival in the “Newcomers” category with “Follia d’amore”, his own composition, he was chosen to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest, where he came in second. Since then the career of this young musician has taken on an international dimension. In 2012 Gualazzi signed an exclusive contract with the prestigious Blue Note/Emi Music France recording company and, in 2013, he released his second album, Happy Mistake, where he duets with the Puppini Sisters, Camille, and collaborates with Vince Mendoza and Fabrizio Bosso. In 2014 he is back on the Festival di Sanremo stage, this time in the “Big Artists” category. His Happy Mistake Tour takes him to the most important international jazz festivals, from Paris to Madrid, with stops at some of Italy’s greatest theatres. Raphael Gualazzi is a skilled musician who first studied piano at the Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro and later broadened his musical interest to include jazz, blues and fusion. His music is sure to delight everyone: from jazz to ragtime to stride (his great passions), to blues, funk, and pop. At JazzAscona Gualazzi will bring his brand new show in anticipation of his new album.