Thomas L’Etienne, clarinet & sax

Thomas L’Etienne, classy clarinetist and refined saxophonist: an artist to whom European traditional jazz and Ascona owe much!

Dates: 24 – 29.6.2016

Thomas L'Etienne

Plays with Lillian Boutté & her Musicfriends

German clarinetist and saxophonist Thomas L’Etienne is considered one of the most important representatives of European jazz in New Orleans. His repertoire connects different continents through music: an interesting mix of genres that combines Caribbean rhythms with the Crescent City tradition and, furthermore, with European and African music. After having explored exciting Brazilian sound while performing with the Creole Clarinets and the Trio Perigoso in the past years, at JazzAscona 2016 Thomas returns to his roots together with the memorable band formed by Lillian Boutté’s Musicfriends.