Alexey Marti’s Latin Project

Afro-Latin Hand Drumming: Alexey Marti, New Orleans based percussionist from Cuba

Dates: 24 & 26.6 2018

Alexey Marti is an incredible Cuban percussionist based in New Orleans. An undisputed talent, he finished first place in the Thelonious Monk Jazz Institute Competition for his Afro-Latin Hand Drumming. Marti has performed with everyone in New Orleans, from the Buena Vista Social Club to Herbie Handcock's Head Hunters. In past years he delighted the Ascona audience with his Latin Project; this year we will also see him in action with the Roland Guerin Band feat. Quiana Lynell project.

From: U.S.A, New Orleans
Style: Latin

Alexey Marti, percussions

Roland Guerin, bass

Ashlin Parker, trumpet

Kyle Roussel, piano

Chris Adkins, guitar

John Jones, drums