Frank Salis meets Michael Watson

New Orleans and Switzerland, come together in the name of soul. A collection of unreleased songs showcases the talent of Frank Salis and Michael Watson

Dates: 20-30.6, 2018

The talented Hammond organ player from Ticino, Frank Salis, and one of the most interesting key figures of the New Orleans nouvelle vague, trombonist and singer Michael Watson, first met last year at JazzAscona where they collaborated on a special project, presenting New Orleans R&B classics alongside various unreleased songs written by Salis, talented composer, and Watson. In the fall of 2017, the two met again in New Orleans to record those new compositions. The result: Frank Salis meets Michael Watson, a vibrant declaration of love for soul and jazz. The album will be presented for the first time in Europe at JazzAscona.

From: Switzerland & U.S.A, New Orleans
Style: R&B, Jazz

Frank Salis, piano
Back Burger, Hammond
Rocco Lombardi, drums
Ashlin Parker, trumpet
James Martin, sax
Michael Watson, trombone & vocals