Healthy Thinkers

An electro acoustic project with a flavor of jazz, for a Ticinese trio full of surprises

Dates:  23/ 25/ 27.6 & 1.7, 2018

Healthy Thinkers

Here come the Healthy Thinkers, a reflection of the surprising vitality and quality of the local Ticinese music scene. The band’s current members have been playing together since December 2016 and the trio has made a name for itself in clubs and at open airs across the Canton. Their electro-acoustic project presents great rock and pop classics rearranged into jazzy tunes.  The band is composed by its two founders, N I c Angileri (contrabass) and Luca Pasqua (guitar), and talented singer Erica De Lazzari. They are currently working on unreleased material that will see the light of day in 2018.

From: Switzerland

Style: Blues, R&B, jazzy pop rock

Erica De Lazzari, vocals
N I c Angileri, bass
Luca Pasqua, guitar