JJ Thames

A powerful voice and an incredible force. JJ Thames, Mississippi Girl Power and a new diva of soul music

Dates: 22-28.6, 2018

Philipp Fankhauser

Known as the Mississippi Blues Diva, the Detroit native who was schooled in Mississippi, possesses a voice that is an instrument to extol all sorts of wonders as well as an incredible charisma and astonishing stage presence.  JJ Thames reminds us of great female artists such as Tina Turner, Etta James or Billie Holiday. Her staggering voice is an invitation to listen to her stories in music, a blend of high class soul, blues, and funk. Generous, sincere and simply irresistible, JJ Thames has earned multiple Jackson Music Awards. Her first two albums, Tell You What I Know and Raw Sugar, have been extremely well-received. A must!

From: U.S.A, France
Style: Soul, Blues

JJ Thames, lead singer
Yann Thuyeu, guitar
Cédric Legoff, hammond B3
Antoine Escalier, bass
Fabrice Bessouat, drums