JazzAscona Social Club

Thomas L’Etienne, Uli Wunner, Patrick Artero and Ole “Fessor” Lindgren, champions of talent and conviviality. Welcome back to Ascona!

Dates: 28-30.6, 2018

Denise Gordon

They are all great musicians of traditional European jazz, friends, and regulars at JazzAscona (many will also remember them for their festive and convivial appearances outside of the official venues). Here is their JazzAscona formation: sax tenor and clarinetist Thomas L’Etienne, French trumpeter Patrick Artero, Danish trombonist Ole "Fessor" Lindgren, and clarinetist and sax alto Uli Wunner. You can expect a delightful and variegated mix of New Orleans classics, creole rhythm, and Brazilian choro. Both Thomas L’Etienne and Patrick Artero will also play with the Section Rythmique, before they perform with the JazzAscona Social Club.

From: EU
Style: Traditional jazz, choro, New Orleans

Thomas L'Etienne, tenor sax & clarinet
Patrick Artero, trumpet
Uli Wunner, clarinet & alto sax
Ole "Fessor" Lindgren, trombone