La Section Rythmique

David Blenkhorn, Sébastien Girardot, Guillaume Nouaux: La Section Rythmique, a trio that proposes a fresh take on standards of jazz, combining a touch of New Orleans with creole groove

Dates: 21-30.6, 2018

La Section Rythmique

BREAKING NEWS - Unfortunately, David Blenkhorn won't be performing at JazzAscona this year -  Harry Kanters, piano (21 -23.6) and Denny Ilett, guitar & vocals  (24 - 30.6) are going to substitute him.

From New Orleans‘ Frenchmen Street  to the Parisian jazz clubs, La Section Rythmique has proven itself talented accompanists to some of the top international jazzmen. Guitarist David Blenkhorn  (John Faddis, Scott Hamilton, Lee Konitz), bassist Sébastien Girardot  (Donald Harrison Jr, Chuck Berry, Leroy Jones) and drummer Guillaume Nouaux (Donald Harrison Jr, Chuck Berry, Leroy Jones) propose a fresh take on the standards of jazz with a touch of New Orleans combined with funk, blues, and creole. In more recent years the trio has more and more proven its talent taking centre stage in their own right.

From: France, Australia
Style: Swing

Harry Kanters, piano (21 -23.6)

Denny Ilett, guitar & vocals (24 - 30.6)

Sebastien Girardot, bass

Guillaume Nouaux, drums