Marina & the Kats

“The world’s tiniest big band” is a swinging trio from Vienna that brings lightness, brio and a touch of nostalgia

Dates: 26-30.6, 2018

Marina and The Kats

They bring the experience of one hundred concerts, two successful albums, thousands of YouTube clicks and rapidly growing fame. Faithful to their style and their slogan “swing swing swing”, the Viennese trio Marina & The Kats will delight us with racy gypsy guitars, catchy melodies, airy snare drums and, of course, singer Marina Zettl’s infectious voice. Their toe-tapping music will drag you onto the dance floor: halfway between Django Reinhardt and Cab Calloway, a delicious nostalgic cocktail with a trio known as the “world’s tiniest big band”.

From: Austria
Style: Vintage Swing, Gipsy

Marina Zettl, vocals & percussions
Thomas Mauerhofer, guitar & percussions
Peter Schoenbauer, guitar