Paolo Jannacci “In concerto con Enzo"

El purtava i scarp dal tennis (He wore tennis shoes) and left us many unforgettable songs: Paolo‘s moving hommage to the great Enzo Jannacci

Date: 28.6, 2018 

Jeff Tyson & the Ka-Nection

An evening dedicated to Italian jazz and singer-songwriter songs: this is “In concert with Enzo”, the show brought to you by singer and jazz pianist Paolo Jannacci; an hommage to his father, Enzo Jannacci, one of the unforgettable singer-songwriters of postwar Italy, with links to artists such as Giorgio Gaber and Dario Fo. “In concert with Enzo” includes some of Paolo’s original jazz compositions and a selection of his father’s songs, those dearest to both fans and family.
An explosion of poetic and musical energy, the pianist will tribute his father for those who loved him and for those who still have to discover him. He will share the stage alongside Stefano Bagnoli (drums and percussions), Marco Ricci (contrabass and electric bass) and Daniele Moretto (trumpet, althorn and choruses).

From: Italy
Style: Jazz, canzone d'autore, Tribute to Enzo Jannacci

Paolo Jannacci, piano & vocals
Stefano Bagnoli, drums
Marco Ricci, bass
Daniele Moretto, trumpet