Paolo Tomelleri Big Band Remembering Benny Goodman’s Concert at Carnegie Hall (1938)

An amazing big band to celebrate the moment, 80 years ago, in which jazz became respectable

Date: 22.6 2018

Jeff Tyson & the Ka-Nection

80 years old and a career spanning 60 years: Paolo Tomelleri is a remarkable musician from the Milano scene. Successful soloist and orchestra director, he returns to Ascona with his big band, to celebrate 80 years later, the legendary concert held by Benny Goodman’s orchestra at New York’s famed Carnegie Hall in 1938. The concert has been described as "the single most important jazz or popular music concert in history: jazz's "coming out" party to the world of "respectable" music. Divided between jazz and pop music, Paolo Tomelleri has worked with artists such as Enzo Jannacci (for 30 years!), Ornella Vanoni, Giorgio Gaber, Adriano Celentano or famous jazzists such as Tony Scott, Joe Venuti, Jimmy McPartland, Clark Terry, Bill Coleman, or Phil Woods.  He has written theatre and film music, published didactic materials, performed on stages all over the world, and recorded numerous albums.

Style: Swing

From: Italy

Emilio Soana
Daniele Moretto
Stefano Bassalti
Roberto Villani

Rudy Migliardi
Andrea Andreoli
Claudio Barbieri
Pierluigi Salvi

Gianpaolo Casu
Paolo Kromberg
Alberto Buzzi
Enzo Lamendola
Gilberto Tarocco

Fabrizio Bernasconi, piano
Sergio Farina, guitar
Marco Mistrangelo, bass
Tony Arco, drums
Celeste Castelnuovo, vocals
Marco Bianchi, vibraphone
Paolo Tomelleri, clarinet, dir.