Paolo Tomelleri Sextet

A contemporary take on the best of swing and mainstream, interpreted by a versed Milanese sextet

Date: 28.6 2018

Paolo Tomelleri is a clarinetist and saxophonist belonging to the group of historical musicians who, from the early 1950s, greatly contributed to the spread of jazz in Italy. This summer he will bring his music to JazzAscona with a big band as well as a sextet. The latter draws inspiration from the two great historical periods of jazz, swing and mainstream, that generated some of the best American soloists and some of the songs that changed the history of music. Tomelleri explores those musical memories infusing them with contemporary flavors: he is accompanied by a group of professionals (such as the great Emilio Soana, for example) who count among the best in the Milano jazz scene.

From: Italy

Style: Swing, Mainstream

Paolo Tomelleri, sax

Emilio Soana, tromba

Marco Mistrangelo, bass

Fabrizio Bernasconi, piano

Tony Arco, drums

Irene Natale, vocals

Sofia Tomelleri, sax