Re:Funk feat. Pee Wee Ellis

A powerful tribute to James Brown with funk legend Pee Wee Ellis as special guest

Dates: 28-30.6, 2018

Pee Wee Ellis & Maqs Rossi

Re:Funk is the result of the passions of singer Maqs Rossi and drummer Dario Milan, who joined forces to start a band that could captivate fans with the rich Afro-American musical tradition that follows the footsteps of the Godfather of Soul, James Brown. The band soon started enjoying their rapidly growing success, with enthralling live shows at Montreux and Ascona, among others. With a highly anticipated first album in the works, Re:Funk will be at Ascona with a spectacular tribute to James Brown‘s powerful music, alongside a truly special guest, saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis, funk legend who - together with Maceo Parker and Fred Wesley - was part of what is known as one of history‘s most famous horn sections.

From: Switzerland, Italy
Style: Funk


Maqs Rossi, vocals

Dario Milan, drums

Francesca Morandi, bass

Mad Mantello, guitar

Luca Fraula, keys

Emiliano Romano, tenor sax

Olmo Antezana, tenor sax
Mirko Roccato, baritone sax

Tiziano Codoro, trumpet

Feat. Pee Wee Ellis, tenor sax