Roosevelt Collier

Roosevelt “The Dr.” Collier, a pedal steel guitar vituoso with a terrific groove

Dates: 29-30.6 2018

The Fats Boys

Soft-spoken by nature, South Florida-bred Roosevelt Collier does his hollering on the pedal steel guitar. Brought up in the "sacred steel" tradition of the House of God Church, Roosevelt built his reputation alongside his uncles and cousins in The Lee Boys, known for their spirited, soul-shaking live performances. Seated front and center, "The Dr." leaves an indelible mark on listeners, flooring audiences with his lightning-fast slide work on the pedal steel. At festivals, he is a regular "Artist at Large," performing alongside many of music's most prestigious acts, from the Allman Brothers, to Los Lobos to the Del McCoury Band. No matter what the context, when Roosevelt takes the stage the ear-to-ear grins can't help but be contagious.

From: USA
Style: Blues, soul, funk, rock


Roosevelt Collier, pedal steel guitar
Rodrigo Zambrano, bass
Jason Matthews, keys
Armando Lopez, drums