Sandro Schneebeli, Max Pizio & Surprise Guests - “Jazz In The Dark”

“Jazz In The Dark”: an extraodinary sensorial experience

ATTENTION NEW SCHEDULE: the concert starts every night at 20.00! Dates: 22-30.6, 2018

Sandro Schneebeli & Max Pizio

Two of the best Swiss Italian jazz musicians, guitarist Sandro Schneebeli and saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist Max Pizio team up to present their “Jazz in the Dark“ hit concert series. JazzAscona will present a special edition that includes different surprise guests and a more jazz-oriented repertoire; the concept remains unchanged. The audience will be accompanied into a pitch-black tent by guides. Guests are unable to orient themselves nor can they see the other participants or the musicians. The duo plays a variety of instruments of which, at the start of the concert, the audience can only identify a few; the others are revealed in time. Undistracted and fully enveloped in the music, the participants will enjoy an extraordinary sensorial experience.

The concerts are held in an air conditioned special tent. Every Night at 8 p.m., @ Piazzale Autosilo comunale. Admission Fee: CHF 15.-. Ticket sale through the box office at the venue prior to the concert. The ticket gives you a 20% discount on the main festival ticket entrance

From: Switzerland
Style: Jazz 

Sandro Schneebeli, guitar

Max Pizio, sax