The Swinging Buddies

Back to tradition: a hommage to the Swing Era with the sparkling Ferrario, Filastro and Mengotto trio

Dates: 22-26.6, 2018

The Swinging Buddies

Three top names of traditional Italian jazz make the The Swinging Buddies. A JazzAscona regular, Como native Alfredo Ferrario is one of the best Italian clarinetist on the scene; Luca Filastro, pianist and composer, born in 1992, is known well outside of the Italian border as a top stride pianist; Mauro Mengotto is a young Milanese drummer with a solid swing and an exceptional timing, who works with various jazz bands from trios and big bands. In 2017 the three musicians recorded Back to the Tradition, a sparkling tribute to the Swing Era and its clarinetists.

From: Italy
Style: Swing

Alfredo Ferrario, clarinet
Luca Filastro, piano
Mauro Mengotto, drums