Ambrosia Brass Band

An institution (not only in Ascona): the Ambrosia Brass Band  

Dates: 20, 21, 26 & 29.6, 2019

Ambrosia Brass Band

Founded in Milan in 1981, the Ambrosia Brass Band is an institution for all jazz aficionados: the first Italian marching band is the only one ready to perform for two hours, spreading the colors, flavors and music of New Orleans street parades across European cities. The band is led by grandmarshall, singer, musician, and Zen monk, Fabio KoRyu Calabrò and his ukulele.     

From: Italy

Style:  Brassband


Marcello Noia, sax 

Francesco Licita, sax 

Luca Calabrese, trumpet 

Giancarlo Mariani, trumpet 

Rudy Migliardi, trombone 

Fiorenzo Gualandris, tuba 

Marco Castiglioni, snare drum 

Walter Ganda, bassdrum 

Fabio KoRyu Calabrò, grand marshall