Ashlin Parker, trumpet

If you’re looking for a great musician and for a party, look for Ashlin Parker and his trumpet

Dates: 21 – 29.6, 2019

Ashlin Parker

At JazzAscona 2018 he played on every possible occasion and we can’t wait for more. An emerging New Orleans star, Ashlin Parker is a young and versatile jazz trumpeter from New Orleans who has performed internationally with ensembles such as the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra. Parker regularly collaborates with New Orleans based artists such as Ellis and Jason Marsalis, Herlin Riley, Roland Guerin, Leroy Jones, Derek Douget, Adonis Rose, Nicholas Payton.

Ashlin Parker will also bring along his trumpet-centered project called Trumpet Mafia that has been making waves in and outside of New Orleans: a series of surprise gigs (events, concerts, parades) that brings together numerous (professional and non) trumpeters for the sheer pleasure of sharing a stage, beyond any competition. Parker will bring the same concept to JazzAscona, where – together with other festival trumpeters, local trumpet players or simple trumpet fans – they will perform at unscheduled events along the lakefront.

From: USA, New Orleans