Lluís Coloma Solo & Trio

“Boogie wins again”!  - An overflow of enthusiasm with Lluís Coloma and his Trio

20 – 27.6, 2019  - SOLO
28 – 29.6, 2019  - TRIO


Lluis Coloma Trio

With an astonishing live, Lluís Coloma creates a magical atmosphere from beginning to end in his concerts, each performance becoming a unique and unforgettable experience. With a devilish left hand and amazing talent for improvisation, Coloma reachs, along with a powerful rhythm section, a huge and forceful sound. His great technique and virtuosity turn him one of the maximum exponents of blues and boogie woogie in Europe. The Lluís Coloma Trio is known for its original music and a repertoire that combines tradition and innovation. The band seamlessly fuses the sounds of New Orleans with blues, boogie woogie, rock & roll, and rhythm & blues. Their energy envelopes an audience with fast and vibrating rhythms. This is music that creates a hypnotic atmosphere, provoking standing ovations everywhere. Don’t miss out on them! 

From: Spain 

Style: Blues, Boogie Woogie 


Lluís Coloma, piano 

Manolo Germàn, bass 

Marc Ruiz, drums