Martin Lechner “Tribute to Mr. Cole”

A scratchy and soft voice: a real talent of Swiss soul jazz, Martin Lechner tributes Nat King Cole in his centennial year

Dates: 20 – 23.6, 2019

Martin Lechner

With a tribute to the great Nat King Cole, in the centennial of his birth, the Swiss Jazz Award 2012 finalist, Martin Lechner, a true natural talent, returns to Ascona. Spontaneous and friendly, gifted with a beautiful voice – gritty and romantic at the same time – and an innate rhythm and phrasing sense, Lechner is part of the great ’50s and ‘60s crooner interpreters. Some critics have compared him to Michael Bublé, although his voice and soul spirit may be rather associated with Jamie Cullum. Supported by a band formed with, among others, saxophonist Dave Feusi, at JazzAscona Lechner will present his project dedicated to Nat King Cole, one of the greatest stars of 1940s and 50s music, a jazz and pop icon that left us innumerous eternal hits.   

From: CH 

Style: Vocal jazz 

Martin Lechner, vocals 

Dave Feusi, sax 

Roland Köppel, piano 

Patrick Sommer, bass 

Andreas Schnyder, drums