New Orleans Jazz Orchestra

The best from the city of jazz: a tribute to Allen Toussaint at its European premiere and ten days of great music with the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra

Dates: 28 – 29.6,  2019

The Fats Boys

Friday June 28, 2019
Congo Square - The History of New Orleans Music

Saturday June 29, 2019
The Music of Allen Toussaint

Met with triumph back in 2015, alongside Dee Dee Bridgewater, the acclaimed New Orleans Jazz Orchestra will be the backbone of this upcoming edition. The big-band will be gifting us with two exclusive concerts: the first will present the “Congo Square - The History of New Orleans Music” program (a review of New Orleans music, from Jelly Morton to rock n’roll, through Louis Armstrong, Professor Longhair, Fats Domino, Harold Battiste, and many more); the second, at its European premiere, dedicated to Allen Toussaint, legend of New Orleans jazz and R&B. Over the ten days, around fifteen young members of the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra will be guests in Ascona, bringing to life a variety of (also exclusive) cooperations: among others, the talented pianist and singer Davell Crawford (heir to the great New Orleans piano tradition), and some of the best exponents of the city’s nouvelle vague, such as saxophonist Ricardo Pascal, trombonist Michael Watson, drummer and orchestra director Adonis Rose, or trumpet players Kid Chocolate Brown and Ashlin Parker.

The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra was formed in 2002 and was designed to celebrate and fortify the American Jazz portfolio while providing infrastructure for developing the New Orleans Jazz Industry. Led by Artistic Director Adonis Rose, this 20-piece big band has an ever-increasing repertoire that exemplifies the influence of Jazz as the grandfather of all modern American music. NOJO has headlined all of America’s major performing arts venues and clubs. The band also won a Grammy Award in 2010 Grammy Award with their Book One.

From: USA, New Orleans
Style: Vocal Jazz & Orchestra

Adonis Rose, director & drums

Davell Crawford, piano & vocals

Viktor Atkins, piano

Gerald Watkins, drums

Alexey Marti, percussion

Steve Glenn, tuba

Amina Michele, bass

Jason Steward, bass

Ashlin Parker, trumpet

Kid Chocolate Brown, trumpet

Barney Floyd, trumpet

Chris Butcher, trombone

Michael Watson, trombone

Terrence Taplin, trombone

Ricardo Pascal, sax

Jerome Amari Ansari, sax

Ed Peterson, sax

Travari Broone, sax

Nayo Jones, vocals