The Syncopators - 35th Anniversary

One of the best Australian jazz bands

Dates: 20 – 24.6, 2019

The Syncopators

The cream of Melbourne’s Jazz musicians combine to create an extraordinary repertoire of music from the 20’s to the 60’s covering both Jazz & Blues styles.
Although their repertoire stems from the roots of traditional Jazz, they play everything from classic jazz through to mainstream and rhythm and blues. This guarantees a much broader audience and wider appeal than that of a ‘straight’ jazz group. The Syncopators have toured extensively and successfully in Europe, Asia and the South Pacific and regularly appear on TV specials and feature films. They have recorded widely over their long career and are well known for their hot live performances displaying a mastery on their instruments and versatility in both acoustic and electric styles as evident in their ‘The Bells ‘ (The Australian Jazz Awards) award winning live CD at the Spiegel Tent in Melbourne 2009.

From: Australia 

Style:  Swing, Traditional 


Peter Gaudion, trumpet, vocals  

Richard Miller, clarinet, saxophone,  

Christopher Ludowyk, trombone,  

Jeff Arthur, guitar, banjo  

James Clark,  bass  

Rod Gilbert, drums, percussions