Wax & Boogie

A perfect mixture for a high-voltage r&B, boogie, and rock’n roll show

Dates: 20 – 23.6, 2019

Wax & Boogie

Some of their original creations and the best hits of the great masters of early r&b, boogie woogie, swing an rock’n roll: the Catalan band, Wax & Boogie, moves seamlessly in between genres, carried by drive, passion, and a vast knowledge of the language of black music shared by singer Ster Wax and pianist David Giorcelli. The result? Very convincing, also thanks to the members’ excellence (among them, an old JazzAscona acquaintance, saxophonist Drew Davies. This is the band’s first time at JazzAscona. 

From: Spain, Catalonia 

Style: Rhythm & Blues, Boogie Woogie, Swing, Rock'n Roll 


Ster Wax, vocals 

David Giorcelli, piano 

Drew Davies, tenor sax 

Oriol Fontanals, bass 

Reginald Vilardell, drums