The sweet energy of Charlie Roe who bewitched Jazzascona

Charlie Roe

Amongst the surprises of this first week there is no doubt we can name her: Charlie Roe. The young singer from Ticino captured the audience with her charm and singing skills, proving to possess great energy and the black spirit needed in the festival. The experience of last Saturday night convinced her too: “It was an amazing night. The concert went well and we definitely connected with the public. A lovely and fun experience, which proved that people like our spontaneity.”

A great presence of the rock-pop scene in Ticino, Charlie Roe – AKA Romina Bruschi- has also surprised her audience because of her versatility. Fascinating arrangements and jazzy sounds, very close to the New Orleans atmosphere. A choice that was made to adapt to the festival music genre, yet fitting perfectly in her artistic path: “we made some arrangement to our acoustic set. That change was made to uniform to the spirit of JazzAscona, and it turned out to be a stimulating choice for us. I definitely think we will proceed on this path, experimenting new solutions and sounds.”