Sax Gordon Wins the Audience Award - Aet My Choice 2019

Sax Gordon

His energetic show and his soul spirit certainly vibrated through the audience of JazzAscona: Detroit saxophonist Sax Gordon is the winner of the JazzAscona Audience Award, Aet My Choice 2019.

This is the choice of the many visitors who participated in the popular vote casting their vote online or in person. Sax Gordon won by a small margin in front of the Catalan Wax & Boogie, the Italian Sticky Bones, 93-year-old singer Othella Dallas, the Ticinese Sands’ 2B a Band feat. Enrique Parra, the NOJO Orchestra and once again, JT & The Kanection Band, winners in 2018.

Multiple nominee for the Oscars of blues, Sax Gordon is one of the best contemporary soul-blues saxophonist on the scene, a skilled artist whose energy and dazzling solos are sure to enflame the audience.