"Ascona": homage in music by Gunhild Carling

Bubbly, light, stupendously vintage. "Ascona" is a fun and entertaining...


The complete program will be announced on April the 9th!

Ascona celebrates its 30th edition with an exceptional program: international...


5 nights out of 9 free of charges!

JazzAscona 2014 confirms and re-launches last year’s successful format with...


Hello, Dolly ! The 30th edition under the spell of Louis Armstrong

And it will be him, Louis Armstrong: the jazz innovator, the...


JazzAscona and the Breda Festival: closer than ever

JazzAscona - which in 2014 celebrates its 30th Edition –...

JazzAscona 2014 presents:


Nina Attal - Runaway live @JazzAscona, June 29th 2013
All I want is One Night in Ascona - JazzAscona in 3 minutes
Champian Fulton Interview - JazzAscona June 29th 2013
Robben Ford Interview - JazzAscona, June 28th 2013
Robben Ford, Harvey Mason, Brian Alan, Ricky Peterson live @JazzAscona, 28th 2013
Mark Whitfield Trio -
Tania Maria live @JazzAscona, June 24th 2013
The Puppini Sisters - Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend live @JazzAscona, 27th 2013
Ornella Vanoni & the italian Jazz Stars,
Gerald French Interview - JazzAscona, June 26th 2013
The Blind Boys of Alabama live @ JazzAscona, June 26th 2013
Mark Whitfield Interview - JazzAscona June 27th 2013
Mario Biondi -
The Blind Boys of Alabama - Interview & Concert - JazzAscona, June 26th 2013
Shannon Powell - JazzAscona, June 25th 2013
Ornella Vanoni & the Italian Jazz Stars - Jazzascona, June 25th 2013
Roy Bennett's J.A.B. - Interview & Concert - JazzAscona, June 24th 2013
Tania Maria - interview & concert - JazzAscona, June 24th 2013
The Carling Family - JazzAscona, June 24th 2013
Mario Biondi & the Italian Jazz Players - JazzAscona, 23rd of June 2013
An interview with Karima - JazzAscona, June 22nd 2013
Ginger Pig presents the talented Travis
Karima with Roy Bennett's J.A.B. -- Just Another Band, JazzAscona - June 22nd 2013
Pepe Lienhard Big Band with The Voices - JazzAscona, June 21st 2013
Tuning the Piano: Lucas Froelich - JazzAscona 2013